For more than 60 years, BabyDan safety products have been helping parents to make their homes baby safe.

The company’s commitment to quality and innovation has made BabyDan a world leader in child safety, so you can rely on its products to turn a house full of hazards into a secure and safe environment – for newborn babies and for older toddlers.

In its product development, choice of materials, and even down to the shape of its products, the Danish manufacturer attaches a great deal of importance to health, safety and environment.

It calls this approach ‘Eyes for Safety’ – a mission, a method and an attitude with one simple goal: to ensure that children can get around securely and safely inside and outside of the home.

The company is driven in its commitment to tackling the potential risks around the home – from obvious dangers, to the risks that may otherwise go unnoticed. So amongst the selection of Babydan safety equipment, you’ll find innovative TV safety straps, playpens and corner cushion guards, to guarantee that every corner of your home is entirely child friendly.

You can also choose from practical equipment that is consistently amongst the best in its category, such as cupboard locks, window locks and door stoppers – and baby shop essentials such as blankets and playmats.

The company is a leading safety gate and playpen manufacturer, and is known for its considered approach to product aesthetics.

A BabyDan safety gate can be fitted in doorways and stairwells for a stylish and steadfast security solution, whilst a Felix Wooden Playpen will give you complete parental peace of mind whilst brightening up baby’s nursery with its classic Danish design.

For security on the move, a travel cot and Lambskin Stroller Liner will ensure that sleepy kids can rest safely and soundly. The BabyDan Travel Cot weighs only 12 kilograms, so is perfect for keeping baby comfy on holiday – or even during quick visits to family and friends.

From the moment you welcome your new child into your home, as they take their first steps, and as they leave for their first days at school, BabyDan safety products will make sure that they grow up happily, healthily and in hazard-free surroundings.